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Hourly Shifts is a better way to hire bartenders for your event in New Jersey. You are in control of the bartenders who work your event and can approve or decline anyone who signs up for you event. All of our network bartenders in the New Jersey area are over achievers or else they are dropped from the network. We do not tolerate no-shows or under achievers.


A Sample of our Network Professionals With Their Reviews

                    vikkicorcelli               Server/Waitstaff/


Vikki is a happy go lucky type of girl!
She works hard always with a great attitude. –Tina N 


Awesome job!!!
Vikki goes above and beyond to help everyone and is always positive and happy.–Tina N





Great job!–Tina N


LaDonna did a great job setting up the buffet, assisting the venue staff and giving the reception guests the very best service. We will definitely want to use LaDonna again. –John P


I have known Ladonna for 10 years and have worked  with her for 5 of those years.  She is a fantastic asset to any task or job.  She is great with detail and also with public relations.  I believe your company will benefit greatly with her on your team. –Ann H


Kelly Bragg - Cook, Server, Bartender

Prep Cook/Server/



If you need a chef to make onsite omelettes, Kelly is the person you want. She is excellent at it and is skillful at making multiple omelettes at a time.–John P


I have worked many events with Kelly and she is very professional, polite, efficient and has an ”I care attitude”. She has also worked kitchen prep with me… she is a must hire!!!!  Cary G


I have used Kelly many times as a Server, Prep Cook and Bartender serving beer and wine. She is a professional, hard worker, and always motivated to do her very best. I will continue to hire her.   John P