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When staffing your events with waitstaff/servers are you tired of using traditional Temp services  where you are not in control of who you receive and are constantly disappointed? is the new better way to find those responsible waitstaff/servers for your events.


We are the only Temp Staffing Service that really does something to eliminate or drastically reduce NO-SHOWS, especially when having just one waitstaff/server not showing up can be drastic. With Hourly Shifts…

    • You are always in control of who works for you. You can request someone or even block someone.
    • You will see their work history and all their reviews that were entered by other event planners.
    • Your event needs will be sent immediately from the website to the qualified staff throughout our network
    • You then will approve or disapprove a the individuals who requests to work your event
    • So don’t delay. Use to staff your next event. Start by registering your business, it is free.


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